Here are more testimonials and comments from some satisfied patients

Ruptured Disc

I was in extreme pain from a ruptured spinal disc. The company with whom I was working sent me to a neurosurgeon at the direction of their insurance company. The surgeon only asked to see me bend over, then told me to go home and get some bed rest. My condition worsened. A person at our church suggested that I see Dr. Grisanti. I remember crawling in his office. Dr. Grisant took care of me. Two years later, I injured my back again and Dr. Grisanti fixed me up again. He taught me me how to care for my body in a more informed and intelligent way.

Chuck Amberg-- Greenville, South Carolina


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Dr. Grisanti has been a wonderful help to us. When we first took our daughter to him, we were practically hopeless that she would ever be well again. But with Dr. Grisanti's expert knowledge, testing and treatment, our daughter is whole and well and drug free. We thank God for Dr. Grisanti and for his compassionate concern for our daughter and our entire family. Not only is he the most compassionate doctor we have ever encountered, he is extremely knowledgeable in the fields of chiropractic, nutrition and sports medicine.

Debbie Sammons -- Greenville, South Carolina

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Joint Pain, Fibromyalgia

Dr. Grisanti took the time to answer all my questions and explain his approach. His approach dealt with the facts and nothing but the facts. He sought to diagnose the core problem and not just treat the symptoms. A symptom-based approach had cost me thousands of dollars over the past few years.

Michael Cuneo -- Canada

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Back Pain, Foot Pain, Infection

I went to Dr. Grisanti for back pain. I had been to physical therapy, pain management doctors, MDs, etc.. I ended up taking VIOXX for a year!. Dr. Grisanti ordered some special blood tests and determined my back pain was a symptom of some other health problem.

I remember being run down, couldn't sleep, anemic and just feeling terrible. I could no longer exercise, which is very important to me. While Dr. Grisanti was trying to narrow down the culprits causing the back pain, the forth toe on my right foot swelled and then my entire foot swelled so I could no longer walk on it or wear a shoe! I thought I broke my toe - but the x-rays showed nothing.

Dr. Grisanti used his network of doctors and called a Podiatrist who saw me immediately. I had more x-rays and an MRI and there were 2 infected areas in my foot. I was treated for that with antibiotics. Dr. Grisanti did various blood tests and determined I had an infection, which was causing the back pain. He also referred me to other doctors who determined I had 2 yeast infections, a parasite and elevated Strep levels.

We detoxed my body and things began to look up. I was able to get off the VIOXX and begin working out again. The back pains reoccurred when I was under a lot of stress. However this summer I began taking nutritional supplements during a bout with the recurring back pain. After a few weeks on the supplements the back pain left and has not returned. We're moving our church in a week and I can't believe the pain is at bay!

Justine Porell -- Greenville, South Carolina

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I initially consulted with Dr. Grisanti for irritable bowel syndrome in 2002. I had suffered with cramps, diarrhea for over two years. My family doctor had prescribed Hyoscyamine but I just felt their must be something that he was overlooking. Dr. Grisanti ran a stool test and found two bacteria that were infecting my colon. Three weeks following Dr. Grisanti’s recommendation I was symptom free. Makes me wonder where I would be if it wasn’t for Dr. Grisanti’s smart thinking and good detective work.

Darren Jansen -- Greenville, South Carolina

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I have arthritis and was taking everything including a narcotic pain killer. It would knock me for about 5 hours and when I woke up I still had the pain that nothing would relieve. I had read your report on arthritis….that was a little over six weeks ago and you know what happened! I can’t believe it. NO PAIN!! Wish I would have known about you 18 months ago. God bless you.

Ingrid, Germany

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I began seeing Dr. Grisanti for Fibromyalgia. I was not able to work or enjoy life because of the constant fatigue and pain. Thanks to Dr. Grisanti, I have been able to go back to work and have a new lease on life. I am off all my medications and have not had to take an antibiotic in two years!!

Debbie Goodson -- Greenville, South Carolina

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Arthritis, High Blood Pressure

Three years ago, Dr. Grisanti saved my life. Within three months of starting my treatment with Dr. Grisanti, I had lost 50 pounds and my debilitating symptoms of high blood pressure, arthritis and depression were gone. The results of my treatment with Dr. Grisanti have been so dramatic that I believe I would have died prematurely without his intervention. I feel great and treasure my new life.

Jimi-Ann Muse -- Greenville, South Carolina

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Sinus Infections

My son was suffering with terrible sinus infections. I tried antibiotics, decongestant and anti-histamines. Nothing stopped my son from his daily battle with infected and bleeding sinuses. Dr. Grisanti's extensive research and knowledge discovered the problem. My son was suffering from a fungal infection. Once the diagnosis was found and the “right” treatment was recommended, my son has been symptom-free.

Dana Stone -- Greenville, South Carolina

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High Blood Pressure

I’m the pastor of a local church. I first saw Dr. Grisanti with high blood pressure and off the charts cholesterol and triglycerides. His dedication and commitment to finding the cause of my health problem is unparallel. With his personalized treatment program, I was able to reduce my blood pressure from a staggering 190/97 to a consistent 126/83. In addition, my cholesterol has come down from 278 to 183 and triglycerides from 304 to 93. Thanks Doc. You’re the best.

Pastor Bachman -- Greenville, South Carolina

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Migraine Headaches

Before I met Dr. Grisanti I had no energy. I was constantly fatigued with migraine headaches 5 out of 7 days a week. Dr. Grisanti helped me determine the cause instead of giving me medication to cover the symptoms. I feel alive again!

Kelly Rogers -- Greenville, South Carolina

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